For accounting companies and other associates

Dashboard for customer management
Tools for finance consultation and investment planning
1. Company
  • The authorized person logs in and authorizes finadeck to activate the interface between finadeck and the accounting software
  • The authorized person gives the people of their choice the rights to use finadeck
2. Company / accounting company
  • The user of the company or together with the accounting company they fill in the information regarding the budget, existing responsibilities, collaterals and possible future investments
  • The company and acconting company can define the objective together in terms of funding
3. finadeck platform
  • follows the company’s’ financial evolvement through the interface built between the accounting software of the company and finadeck
  • Sends out funding and investment suggestions to the company depending on the preferences of the company
4. Company/ accounting company
  • The company can update their budget and information and fill in funding applications to the financiers of their choice on their own or in cooperation with the accounting company
5. Accounting company
  • If the accounting company has authorized accountants to use the interface they can also monitor the companies’ financial evolvement from the finadeck dashboard
  • The authorized people can also assist the companies in investment calculations and other aspects regarding the process of applying for funding through the finadeck dashboard

Why finadeck?

1. Easy to use, professional and modern
2. Tools for a more holistic financial consultation
3. Cost-efficient

Advantages for accounting companies

traditional vs. finadeck

Time spent on budgeting, reporting, selecting the suitable finance structure, funding applications etc.
Time spent on budgeting, reporting, selecting the suitable finance structure, funding applications etc.

Assuming that the time used on budgeting, reporting, selecting the suitable finance structure, applying for funding etc. is roughly 8 hours per months and the hourly wage is 100€. By using finadeck with the assumption that the time spent on the previously mentioned tasks is cut in half, finadeck helps the accounting company acquire additional profit potential by 400€ per month per customer. In addition to time saving the easy tools provided by finadeck make the process more pleasant and will likely bring cost cuts also in finance fees.