For financiers

Dashboard to compare applications
Access to applications sent by companies
Sensitivity analysis and investment planning tools
Completed suggestion on finance structures
Industry comparison tools
Access to companies near real time finance monitoring
1. Company
  • Sends a funding application to an financier.
2. Financier
  • Logs in to the finadeck dashboard made for financiers and can browse the basic information of the company
  • Can carry out sensitivity analyses, industry comparison and can request for additional information from the client company if needed
  • If the financier and finadeck do not build an interface between the financiers platform and software the financer or other customer account manager can copy the information from the application to their own software
3. Financiers
  • The investos sends out a decision regarding the funding to the company in question
  • If the company has authorized for example a customer manager, in this case the customer manager can follow the companies in their portfolio on their financial evolvement through the customized finadeck dashboard
4. finadeck platform
  • follows the company’s’ financial evolvement through the interface build between the accounting software of the company and finadeck
  • Sends out funding and investment suggestions to the company depending on the preferences of the company

Why finadeck?

1. Easy to use, professional and modern
2. Improves the quality of funding applications and comparison ability
3. Cost-efficient
4. Overall picture of the financial situation of individual companies
5. Understanding the wider picture

Advantages for the financiers

traditional vs. finadeck

20 projects per month
40 projects per month

If the profit on a loan of 250 000€ without transaction fees, with a loan time of 5 years and a marginal of 1,75% and even monthly payments is 11 120€. With the assumption that 10% of the projects will be carried out the additional profit brought by finadeck would be 22 240€ per month. In addition to saving time the easy tools provided by finadeck make the process more pleasant