CEO Saku Pöllänen is the main architect behind software. In addition to being in charge of the software he is also in charge of marketing and sales. Saku has experience in tasks regarding corporate finance, finance investments and financial administration with OP group and Danske Bank and Trust Kapital Group (now known as Ropo Capital Group). Optimazing SME’s capital structure and modernizing financial administration into e-form all fall under Sakus’ expertise.


CFO Mika Järvinen is in charge of the analyses results made by finadeck. Mika has experience in tasks regarding SME`s and publicly listed companies business administration and risk management as authorized public accountant (KHT) with Tuokko, Deloitte and BDO. Corporate reorganization and investment sector regulation fall under Mikas` expertise.

CIO & Head of Frontend

CIO & Head of Frontend Olli Tiihonen is in charge of the service design and the structure of Frontend. Olli has experience in tasks regarding programming, software production, sales and marketing as an entrepreneur in Houndmedia Ltd and in Caktus, Inc. and as a partner in Omameklari Ltd. Web based software – and application design, programming and development fall under Ollis` expertise.

Tuomas Tirronen
CTO & Head of Backend

CTO & Head of Backend Tuomas Tirronen is in charge of the customer data protection, data modeling and business logic engineering. Tuomas has experience in development, implementation and maintenance projects with core banking and e-banking platforms at Avaloq Evolution AG in Luxembourg and in Switzerland. Data management, interface integrations, software engineering and maintenance projects fall under Tuomas` expertise.


Partner Jari Kemi is in charge of the technical architecture and infrastucture of the software together with Tuomas and Olli. Jari has experience in international software big data management projects with Handelsbanken Ltd, Tantan Hong Kong Ltd, Frosmo Ltd and Discovery Inc. Software infrastructure and management of big data fall under Jaris` expertise.